How do you get here?

The nearest major cities are Kajaani, 120 km south and Oulu 150 km on the west coast. Both cities can be reached by air, train car and bus e.g. from Helsinki. We are located 24 km north of the city of Puolanka, along highway 78.


In the town of Puolanka  with its ca. 3000 inhabitants there is a good range of services available: a health center/hospital, an ATM, one bank, a pharmacy, some dentists, beauty salons & hairdressers/barbers, 3 supermarkets, several special shops for outdoor life, e.g. sports equipment, clothes and handicrafts. Also, there are a couple of pubs and restaurants.



Askan Erämajat, Pudasjärventie 217, 89200 Puolanka, Finland Tel. +358 40 866 7817, email. info@aska.fi